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About Us

Kimiko E. Yamamoto, is highly experienced in all aspects of real estate management, business operations management, and government contract oversight. Previous to her real estate career Ms. Yamamoto was involved in high-rise building and construction management. Ms. Yamamoto has been involved with Real Estate Management and Marketing since 1996 and has managed over 15,000 single family homes. In 2004, as Contract Manager, she was instrumental in establishing an office in Sacramento and managing its daily operations. The success of the operation led to an additional Asset Management contract for HUD as the Marketing and Management Contracter in Atlanta in 2006 where she established an additional office and managed a staff of 50 employees. In 2007, she started KEY Solutions Management. KSM successfully managed over 50 HUD listing brokers, conducted over 300 agent sales training classes, designed and produced a variety of multimedia advertising, created billboard advertising, designed and coordinated homebuyer bus tours, promoted homebuyer marketing and outreach efforts and events in Georgia and California; and is currently performing contract quality control oversight services.